«Line Dualism»
by Igor Petroff

I represent the direction of abstract art. I called it «Line Dualism». I have been working in it for a long time and I consider it to be one of the most promising. With its help you can solve the most complex tasks of fine art.

Now I will reveal the essence of «Line Dualism». In philosophy Dualism (from Latin «dualis» – dual) defines combinations of two principles mutually influencing each other, but not changing their structure, for example, matter and spirit, body and consciousness, good and evil. At the same time, opposites connect, but do not divide reality.

They do not oppose, but complement each other. Line Dualism is linear in the literal sense, because the line (/) lies at its base, as a symbol of movement, making it double (//), I create the simplest model of Dualism – the shell and its contents, conditionally body and soul, and with the help of it I consider the interaction of objects, states, forces, sometimes oppositely inherent, but inextricably linked with each other. Using several double lines, I can strengthen or weaken the tension of the relationship, create a rhythm, the energy of the event.

In painting, harmony is expressed by a balanced opposition of «cold» and «warm» colors, light and shadow, saturation of space and emptiness. Dualism everywhere and in everything and with the help of my direction I concentrate the viewer’s attention on his endless examples.

Space, in its broadest sense, is the only theme for my work, because Dualism is one of its basic laws. The theme is inexhaustible, like the space itself.